Motion Warning NOW on ALL DEVICES

ALL WIRED DEVICES NEED MOTION WARNING NOW!!! I can’t believe the plug in stickup cam gen 3 is still waiting for it, when you announced it was already rolling out for this and more models. When will it be rolled out?!

ALL WIRED DOORBELLS NEED MOTION WARNING TOO - ASAP! “Warning! Person Detected! Hello, this is Ring. You are being recorded. Occupant has been notified.” Ridiculous to think someone is going to wait for the camera to detect motion, open the app, then speak to the criminal through the speaker. It should absolutely be automatic, right now.

Also add new Quick Reply option for Doorbells: “ Hello, this is Ring Home Security. You are being recorded and monitored. Occupant has been notified. Please state the reason for your visit.”

Most of the other responses are pleasant and welcoming, but make it sound like you are not home, completely defeating the purpose. I have no interest being pleasant. I want to scare people away. You actively chose not to offer an option lime this. It’s so obvious I just assumed it was available. I can’t fathom why it isn’t.

I’m really disappointed. If firmware updates are not coming extremely soon (when?!) to correct these issues, I’ll be returning my equipment.