Motion Trigger Photo Capture via Push Notification

It would be really useful if the push notification that tells you motion has been detected, could include a photo capture of what it was that actually triggered the motion detect.

The major benefit to this would be not having to open the app and replaying the event each time motion is detected if, for example, the push notification showed a photo of the postman entering your property. Especially great if this could also preview on Apple Watch too… **Motion Detect Notification > Glance at Watch > See Photo of Postman > Get on with my day… ** Perfect!

It could possibly be a feature that you could turn on/off per ring device and also have a ‘time-lag’ function so that you could set a time-delay for the photo; for example a doorbell may trigger a motion detect event as someone starts coming into frame, but you may wish the actual push notification to be one second later when the visitor is clearly in shot, depending on your personal setup.

This would be a game-changer for me.


this is available as with nest and Wyze, it’s the major issue with me replacing all my other cameras with ring cameras. Please add this! The nest cam allows for video previews in android apps, so much better to know a squirrel is running around, or the wife took the dog out quickly, than having to open the app/unlock.

Hey neighbors! We’re excited to announce our new feature that you may like, Rich Notifications. This is very similar to the requests made here in this thread. You can learn more about this feature in our Community Post here. Please note that this feature is **currently slow rolling ** and we appreciate your patience while we work to get it to all our neighbors!