Motion Snooze should snooze all notifications to all devices that have access to that specific camera

Currently the iOS app replicates the notification muting instead of actually snoozing camera notifications to all apps that have access to that camera. Basically it replicates what iOS already does.

What it should do instead, which it used to do a while ago, is not send any notifications to any apps while snooze is active on that specific camera. The use case is that I want to activate snnooze on the camera, not on the phone, and I want it to not wake my partner when I do this.
I don’t want my partner to receive notifications from the camera on her device, to not wake her up for instance, but set all this up from my app. It used to work like this, not sure why that was degraded to how it works now.

That feature is already available.
In the app, click on the moon icon in the upper right and choose a duration. That silences notifications on all devices, phone, chime, etc.