Motion sensors triggering cameras

My motion sensors have triggered a couple of times, seemingly randomly. I think we should have the option of cameras automatically turning on throughout the house when motion sensors are tripped, so that we can see footage of what caused the movement. Or the option of picking which cameras come on for each sensor (example: if house is away and armed, and a motion sensor is tripped, all indoor cameras come on, or at least the closet one). It’d be especially useful if pre-roll was an option. Both times my motion sensors tripped, I was unable to figure out what tripped them. Immediate camera footage would have been useful.

In the Ring App you can set for your various cameras that when motion happens that other cameras record as well. It’s under the Link Devices option.
However, be aware, sometime the motion happens that triggers the camera and is done by the time the cameras “wake up”. It could be a bug flying by, or a branch on a tree moving. Ring definitely needs to work on their detection algorithms.