Motion Sensors in a Step Light Group sending alerts despite alerts being off

A couple of days ago, a step light motion sensor (i.e. not a step light, just a motion sensor) that’s part of a light group has started throwing alerts, despite alerts being OFF for the whole group. I just noticed this morning that it’s BOTH sensors in the group that are doing it. I’ve tried turning the alerts on and then back off again. I’ve tried turning motion detection off entirely and then back on again. But the alerts continue.

Is this a bug introduced by the latest Ring iOS update?


Mine is doing the exact same thing now! I also assume it’s due to an update. I hope they fix this soon because it’s annoying to get notified every time I walk into my garage. -_-


I am having the exact same issue! I have my sensor set for an interior room and it activates two A19 light bulbs. No changes at all to overall system, but the notifications started within the last 48 hours.

Setup: One motion sensor and two A19 bulbs housed under one group.

Attempts At Fixing:

  • App Reset
  • App Logout / Login
  • Hard/Soft Reset for Mobile
  • Delete and Re-Add Sensor
  • Delete Sensor From Group and Re-Add

Temporary Solution: Remove the sensor from application and turn on the lights the old fashioned way.

I hope this update is fixed very soon.

Hey neighbors. Thank you for sharing your concerns here in the Community. I find it odd that 3 of you are having the same issue and it started around the same time. @90, thank you for listing the steps you’ve tried, as those are also recommendations I would have made. For this concern, I would suggest reaching out to our support team. They’ll be able to dive deeper and, if necessary, escalate this to the proper team so a fix can be implemented.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Another unhappy customer with the same issue with my solar wall light and motion sensor assigned to a light group. I’ve tried all the normal troubleshooting tricks to get this to stop however whatever i do if i have motion alerts turned off i’ll still get an alert on my phone.

Getting quite annoyed with their products and increasing problems with them. Also level 1 customer support is worthless.

Developers and programmers need to get on board with the customers to figure out what’s exactly going on with these problems.


Has anyone contacted support regarding this yet? I’m experiencing the same issue, although I have alerts turned on with my groups, so now I’m receiving two alerts each time: one from the group and one from the sensor, which is kind of annoying. I can contact support to have them start a ticket if nobody has done so.


Another customer here reporting I too am having the same issue. Hopefully the product managers read this message board (if they don’t there’s a big concern!).

I haven’t called in because like others have stated the level 1 support just wastes time and hopes you give up trying to get a fix. I’m sure their KPI is “call deflection” or “containment” with zero regard to actual customer satisfaction.

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Spoke with customer service just now and they have escalated the issue. There were some known issues that have been fixed in regards to a motion sensor / doorbell notification on Friday so hopefully it is a similar issue that can be remedied quickly. If I get a notification of this being fixed or a notified of a workaround, I will post that information.


I finally called support about this today and spent 35 minutes on the phone, ultimately to resolve nothing. We thought it was fixed when he asked me to delete the app and reinstall, but I said probably three times on the call that this SCREAMED of a bug and needed to be escalated. @90, I’m glad it has been escalated, because it’s definitely a bug that was introduced somewhere. Now I don’t have to call back! :slight_smile:

Also, @Tom_Ring, why is there no way for people to create support tickets that get to the engineers? Some of us out here are considerably more savvy than the first tier customer support personnel are. I appreciate that general consumers have to be asked if something is plugged in, but good god, the amount of times I had to repeat myself about what was going on was frustrating, primarily because I KNEW it was a bug and it didn’t match anything in his support scripts.


Exact same issue happening here and going crazy trying to figure it out. It only applies to my stand-alone motion sensors that are in the same group with A19 bulbs. The only way I can turn off alerts is to completely disable the motion detection, which not really an option.

I have a floodlight (non-camera) with the same settings and it works perfect. Definitely feel like it started happening last week and seems like a bug because Motion Schedules, Temporary Snoozes, and completely turning off Motion Alerts ALL do not disable alerts.


Hi @bhummel. The Community acts as a neighbor-to-neighbor forum rather than a direct line to support, which is why we’ll suggest you reach out to our support team when it comes to concerns that require more in-depth troubleshooting. Our support team will then have their own processes as well. I can understand where you’re coming from with being more knowledgeable when it comes to technology, but our support team is still the best route when it comes to concerns such as this one. Thank you for sharing your feedback on the matter as well. :slight_smile:

Agree 100% it appears to be a bug. I went through the motions to make sure there were no obvious workarounds, but this is truly an issue that seems to have originated after an update of some sort. The person I spoke with on the phone was friendly, but I agree that our inability to actually file a ticket for a KNOWN issue, is frustrating. It seems to be a very specific, repeatable, and common problem. Just because I have sent the information, I believe it is important for EVERYONE to submit their information to help further escalate and identify that this is affecting a number of people. Please call the support line and post to this board.


I have the same problem with my outdoor motion sensor. I get one notification from that sensor and another notification from that group. So annoying. Spoke w/customer support via Twitter but they said you have to call and they don’t have a way of informing developers of this bug. Super disappointed.

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Seems to be fixed as of 5/10/21 4:30pm central time. I was having this same issue. Support was lack there of.

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Agree! Seems like it’s fixed, thankfully!

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I fear the bug is not fixed in the UK - having worked perfectly for 2 years our front door bell keeps signalling “motion at front door” at all Times of the night when there is no motion - it’s driving us nuts waking us up so we’ll have to disconnect the doorbell and go back to an old fashioned knocker - sorry but I honestly am not wasting hours trying to phone a helpline that doesn’t help and it is really a bit arrogant of these companies to dismiss so many of the queries above for so long.

Sorry to hear about this, @MichaelRhodes. As a test try disabling the motion alerts on these Smart Lighting devices manually, to see if this alteration applies as intended. An equally good test is to remove the Smart Lighting devices in question, from that particular group to another, and make note of the results. Once complete, try re-applying the desired scheduling. If this concern persists, please use the manual toggle for motion alerts. In the meantime, I’ve shared this feedback with our teams here for further investigation. Thank you!:slight_smile: