Motion Sensor Spoken Alert not working

I have a hardwired Ring Video Pro Doorbell, with a set up motion field. I am unable to get the doorbell to announce ‘Hi, you are currently being recorded’ when the motion sensor is triggered. I have followed the set up guidance, ( Motion Warning Information – Ring Help ) when I toggle the motion warning switch to ‘on’ it says that it is enabled; but still no spoken alert from the doorbell. It should work in the UK and on my version of Doorbell according to : has anyone else had the same issue and know how to correct it please?

Hi @Jimbojimbob. If you’ve enabled Motion Warning, but your Ring Pro is not announcing it, then you may need to reset your Doorbell. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing it. Once this is complete, reconnect to WiFi and toggle this feature on once again. Let me know if this helps.