Motion Sensor Range extension for Pathway Lights

I have a Ring Smart Lighting transformer and Bridge with a couple of cameras. I have them configured that when the cameras sense motion at night they turn on the pathway lights. I want to extend the range of my motion zone without changing the camera’s motion settings and increase the recordings. This will help to cover a larger area and activate the lights earlier. I purchased a Ring Motion Sensor but the distance from the bridge to the sensor is too far and the connection frequently drops. I see that Ring has a range extender that will extend the Z-Wave network. Will this work with my bridge and motion sensor? Note I do not have the Ring alarm.

Hi @user36172. The Range extender is used exclusively for the Ring Alarm system. I would suggest moving your Ring Bridge, or using a Amazon Alexa device with a built in bridge. You can also make sure that the Ring Bridge is out in the open, free from obstructions so it can easily communicate with other devices.