Motion Sensor Offline Alerts

My motion sensors are going offline and then back online frequently throughout the day. Is there a way to fix the issue?

Ring App Developers: It would be nice to have the ability to disable offline/online notifications within the app. They are not as important (to me) as motion alerts.

Are multiple bridges supported to improve coverage?

The problem became noticable when I used the app to put a Ring floodlight in the same light group as three motions sensors. Previously, I had the sensors only notify me about motion. I also then linked the three motion sensors to the floodlight so that it will turn on the floodlight when there is motion. Now the sensors are sending too many status notifications to my mobile device.

I’ve tried:

  • replacing the motion sensor batteries
  • power cycling the Ring bridge
  • placing the bridge near the router

A family member with a Ring bridge and battery floodlight (as the only smart lighting) is also experiencing the frequent offline/online alerts. When I called Ring about their issue, I was told to call the internet service provider. They use a DSL connection. I have much faster cable modem connection.

When I called about my issue, I was told to power cycle the Ring bridge. I’ve done so and still experience too many notifications.

Hey there, @RingUser2000! I’ve gone ahead and passed on your feedback to the appropriate team about the notifications you have been receiving through the app. In the meanwhile, with your specific concern, I recommend to continue to keep the support team updated on this so they can help you reach a resolution as quick as possible. Please keep our thread informed on any possible solutions they are able to help you find!

Hi @Chelsea_Ring, I was able to work with the settings in the app to make the notifications stop.

The problem was that I was linking devices in addition to using light groups.

Unlinking the linked devices and instead letting the light groups do the work made the hyperactive notifications stop. It seemed like a circular reference that needed to be straightened out.

Thank you for your help!