Motion Sensor Chirp Schedule

The Ring Alarm sensor devices, particularly the Motion Sensors, do not have a schedule available for notifications or chirps. I would like them to chirp at nighttime while we are home, so I know when someone is moving throughout the house, without necessarily setting of the siren. That way, we still get feedback if the kids are out of bed or if a bad guy has crept through a window (we have a LOT of windows and it doesn’t make sense to put sensors on all of them) and walking through the house.

I do not want them to chirp during the day, when we are awake, because people frequently move throughout the house during waking hours and the constant chirps are enough to drive us crazy.


Same here. I would love to be able to set a notification schedule as well as different app alert tones for the ring alarm motion security sensors and door/window sensors. This would allow tracking of motion at night while not being bothered with constant motion notifications during the day.