Motion Scheduling from Shared Account

I am living in a house with multiple other people. We all have different things that we want out of the system. For example, I ONLY want to receive motion alerts at night, whereas others want them throughout the day (during the day I regularly get 10+ notifications PER MINUTE about motion, seriously distracting me from my work). Since my account is shared on the devices by the owner, I’m unable to set a motion alert schedule. It seems silly to me that if the owner changes the setting it applies to everyone else. Can you add a feature in the app that allows each individual to customize their own alert settings?

Same here. I’d like the inactive mode to record every motion but disable the notifications for example.

The three different modes should be more customizable… they aren’t really right now. It’s either on or off.

i hope Ring will work on that soon.

Agreed, the settings should be user based, not device based.