Motion Schedules isn't really that?

We have a Stickup Battery cam inside our house.

We want to set a motion schedule so that the camera detects and records motion during the night, but not during the day. I’m not talking about notifications here… we just don’t want the camera wasting battery during the day, recording us moving around the house. But during the night we want it enabled.

The “motion schedule” setting (Motion Settings > Advanced > Motion Schedules) looks like it should do what we want… but in fact that’s only for notifications. This will apparently allow us to disable notifications during the day, but the camera will still waste battery recording us having our breakfast and making a cup of tea.

Is there any way to set up a schedule for recording video?

At present, to get the behaviour we want, i.e. no recording during waking hours, we have to remember to switch Mode (to disarm it during the day) and to switch it again each evening?

Hi @drmrbrewer. You are correct, the Motion Schedule is to set up a schedule for when you do and don’t want to receive notifications. You can use the Modes feature to control how your Cameras behave, but there’s not currently a schedule setting for that. I moved your post over to the Feature Request board so other neighbors can share their interest in this suggestion as well. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: