Motion OFF During Daylight Hours For Solar Powered & Battery Powered Smart Lights

It would really assist with Battery Life if on the Pathway, Step Lights, etc… (i.e. Solar & Battery Powered Smart Lights), that Motion Detection could be rendered to OFF during the day.

I have motion detection from here to next year with Ring cameras, motion detectors, etc…

The redundancy and the lack of battery life on the solar charging & battery smart lights supports the addtion of a firmware and app update that would allow us to turn off all motion detection during daylight hours on these devices if we opt to.

This would really make these lights “Smart”.

Thank You - Roxie

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I could not agree more and was about to suggest the same feature. My house abuts an alley and I have battery-powered Ring cameras that monitor that side of the house as we have ground-level windows there. But having the camera turn on whenever it detects motion during the day is a total waste of battery life, since there is constant vehicle and foot traffic during the day (and I’m not worried about break-ins at that time). I’d like the ability to set times during which motion detection is on and off during the day. I have outdoor lights controlled by WeMo, for example, which I can set to turn on at a certain hour (or at sunset) and off at another hour (or at sunrise). Would love to be able to set this funcionality on my Ring cameras to save battery and only have them turning on when detecting motion during certain hours.

Thank you.