Motion Lights

Relatively new feature. The light on My spotlight cam no longer turns on when it detects motion because of the garden lights. Verified by turning off garden lights. I believe this started about a week ago. How to resolve? I still want light to come on It seems the schedule is for having lights constantly on

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@Lynn5 Are these new garden lights or did it work with them there before? Obviously the issues is the light sensor on the ring is picking up too much ambient light to activate.


Exactly as bemak187 has surmised. This is what I consider a real deficiency. Indeed, with any sort of ambient lighting, these cameras will NOT turn on their lights with motion. It pretty much has to be completely dark for the camera light to turn on which is contrary to having a camera with a security light! I brought this up in this forum and also Feature Request so anyone reading this, please search out my post and upvote it. This should be an inherent feature of these cameras!

A lot of IP type cams have settings where you can force the camera into “night mode” during certain hours. I know Ring is more consumer based but it might be a good idea to implement something like this where between certain hours the sensor will disregard ambient light and/or run un IR mode.