Motion Detection without Motion Alerts, on Solar Wall Light

Has anyone figured out if it’s possible to have Motion Detection active, without generating a notification on your phone every time? Specifically on the Solar Wall Light.

On all my other Ring devices, there are separate toggle switches labeled “Motion Detection” and “motion Alerts”, but for the Solar Wall Light there is only one toggle switch that seems to affect both detection and phone notifications. Thus, it seems impossible for the light to function as a motion-activated light without also making your phone buzz every time. Is that right?

Hi @dbeiter. Is this Wall Light in a Light Group? The Motion Alerts toggle is going to be controlled via the Light Group rather than the Wall Light itself. You can learn more about how Light Groups work and how to use them in this Help Center article.

Ohhh, that is great! thank you for your help @Caitlyn_Ring !!

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@dbeiter You’re welcome! Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: