Motion detection trigger highlighting

I have outdoor cameras installed near bushes, and get frequent false motion alarms, but can’t identify what is triggering them. It would be nice if the motion recordings had some mechanism to identify and highlight the motion that triggered the recording/notification, so if a branch, or spider web, etc. is triggering the events I can address it without too much trial and error. When I access the recordings I often have a difficult time figuring out why the motion trigger occurred.


Any update to this? Has this been implemented yet? This is greatly needed for anyone who has trouble identifying what exactly is being triggered in their motion zones.

I came here to see if anyone has requested this feature. The best we can do is to have more people kudos the idea and add comments.

One of my cameras is set to low sensitivity and it still “see” motion. It’s in a fenced in area and both gates are pad locked. When I am notified of motion, I never see what the camera sees as motion so this idea is fantastic!

Came here looking for this very feature. Would like either some sort of highlighting of the area of the motion or if it is truely heat based have the ability to toggle a thermal view kinda like predator vision, to see exactly what the motion detection is seeing. I’m getting way to many false positives on windy days for me to believe it purely reacting to thermal changes. I have a bush and two flags that I believe could be setting it off but can’t be certain. In my scenario this is a floodlight cam.

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It would be nice to have the video highlight what motion created the trigger/alert. This would be helpful to spot people/movement faster. It would also help tremendously when trouble shooting by letting you know what is causing your camera to fire off notifications.

In notifications, outline the area of motion with a thin border. This helps to quickly identify where the motion is located.

Other camera companies have this. A green box that highlights the object of motion. So many times my camera records and I have no idea what triggered it. I would love to see if it was a bird, person or just wind blowing. I spend to much time trying to figure out what movement made our cameras go off.
Wyze camera brand does this and they are less money than Ring.