Motion Detection: detect people standing still at your door rather than passersby

I would like to have the ability to filter out passersby from people that actually stand still for a prolonged amount of time in front of my door, or within the drawn area of interest. Due to the fact that my front door is positioned closely to a busy pavement, and I have no front yard, just a front door directly opening to the pavement, I get too many motion detection notifications. Hence it would help if I could filter out passersby. Maybe combining video recognition with the motion sensor? Or comparing motion data from a “quiet” moment to the current situation, especially when no motion is detected anymore, but presence is still detected. Because people standing at your door is more interesting than people simply walking by.

*I had to rewrite my post, it did not cover my idea well enough the first time.

@JRood Very difficult to include this level of filtering. Do you have all your motion settings dialled back and have the doorbell set up to say its right next to the street.

@bemak187 I have my motion settings dialed all the way back. I also limited the area of interest to a very narrow strip just in front of the door. You mention that it is possible to indicate it is right next to the street. This would be great for my purpose. How would I achieve this, apart from the settings I have been tweaking?