Motion detection causing chime to ring

I got the Ring Wired doorbell w Chime for Mom n Dad for Christmas

The unit comprises the powered doorbell, which works right, and a chime that plugs into an AC outlet. Both use the house Wi-Fi.

I can’t find a setting that allows the motion detection feature to start a video recording and send an alert through the app WITHOUT also sounding the Chime. With motion detection turned on, every time someone enters the motion detection area the chime goes off. Mom n Dad want to record deliveries, porch thieves, etc., but not have the chime ring.

I spoke to Ring support. They made me reboot, reset, and reinstall everything then he said the system couldn’t do what we wanted. With a good reputation, I find it hard to believe Ring won’t record and alert without chiming. If it’s true, we’ll have to buy a different doorbell.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Hi @OneDave. To clarify, your parents would like the Ring Chime to ring when the Doorbell button is pressed only, but not when motion is detected? If so, I took a look at the settings available for the Ring Chime and you should be able to accomplish this in the Ring App by following the steps below under the owner’s Ring account.

  • In the Ring App, tap the menu in the top left.
  • Tap Devices and tap on the Ring Chime.
  • Tap Audio Settings and choose Chime Alerts.
  • Disable the alerts for when motion is detected.

This should allow you to turn off the alerts for when motion is detected, that way the Ring Chime will only alert your parents when the Doorbell button is pressed. You can also use the Chime Tones screen to adjust the volume for each type of alert as well. I hope you find this information helpful! :slight_smile: