Motion detecting not send alerts since my watch is linked with smart thing

Hi dose anyone know Samsung smartwatch didn’t get notifications from the ring doorbell second gen, after reading I decided to set it up with smart things, now the notice shows up when so eone push the bell and I see the camera but my watch and my other devices not get motion alerts anymore while it seems they are detected in the history video timeline, so if I unlink the watch in smart things, motion alerts pop up again on my mobile, is there a way to sort this? I want motion alerts notifications

Hi @Bearcrafty. At this time, Ring does not officially support any smart watches. Samsung SmartThings is also not officially supported, so some features may not fully work as you are expecting with this integration. You can try reaching out to Samsung SmartThings’ support to see if they have any advice on their integration. Otherwise, I’d suggest unlinking your smart watch so as not to impeded any notifications going to your phone.