“Motion detected at Floodlight pro” alert on echo show but no video?

Hi everyone.
Just wondered if anyone had the issue of your floodlight cam pro not displaying live video on echo show with motion alerts.
I have everything turned on correctly in Alexa app, ring app, echo show.
It alerts by saying “motion detected at” but only shows a screen with words saying this.
The video doesn’t show.
Now… yes I know you can do routines and the routine works fine and shows video.
But honestly I don’t care for the “ok” and then video.
Initially I could’ve sworn it said motion detected at… and showed video. Maybe not… but honestly I’m not sure why exactly it is that you have the option to turn on that feature if it’s not going to show it. Why do they have all of these options that you can turn on yet you end up having to create a routine instead? It doesn’t really make sense and I would much rather just be able to turn it on in the main settings and show the live view.
My doorbell is set the same way and it does pop up video on echo show but cuts off after 10 seconds. So that’s another issue.
Then I have a backyard spotlight battery cam which also does not show video unless I set a routine also with the annoying “ok” voice.
How do I get the floodlight pro and doorbell and spotlight cam to work correctly?
Also, for anyone having issues with a minimized picture coming up on your echo show I just figured out that if it’s already showing a different camera on full screen and then a second one gets an alert, then it will force that one into minimized picture on on the echo show as the full screen one cuts off. But if you test each of these separately by playing the routine while the other one isn’t already showing, then it will go into full screen. I have wondered about this for months and just figured it out so I hope that helps someone.
Anyway, all devices are new and doorbell is the 2 I believe.
Thanks for any help!

Hi @Mcfly88. At this time, you cannot set an Alexa device to automatically show Live View when your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera detects motion. When you turn on Doorbell Announcement Notifications in the Alexa app, compatible Echo devices with a screen will also show you a Live View from your Doorbell for 15 seconds after the button is pressed. You can read more about this feature here.

@Caitlyn_Ring So what you’re actually saying is the only way to show live view automatically is with the routines?