Motion detected and then doorbell doesn't ring

I need some help if possibble, maybe I’m being stupid but I get a motion detection on my ring but then someone pushes the doorbell button but it doesn’t ring.

Is there an option which allows the the doorbell to ring even if a motion event is triggered?

Hi @RichieH76. Which model of Doorbell do you have, and is the Doorbell ring recorded in the Event History? You should see the motion detection and the ring in the Event History, one after the other. Additionally, does the Doorbell itself not ring, or are you just not receiving a notification for the ring? Feel free to attach screenshots from the Event History as well to demonstrate what you see on your end.

You aren’t alone, there are a lot of people with this issue that Ring doesn’t seem to want to solve.

I get the notification on my phone and on the history on the app when it sees someone at my front door.

The person presses the doorbell button and it rings outside but it doesn’t ring inside, I don’t get a phone notification and the bell push doesn’t come up in the history on the ring app.

9 times out of 10 mine does this. The button works because it rings outside. The WiFi works because I get a notification to say it’s seen someone at my door. But the button push never comes through. So I’m missing the postman on a daily basis.

I assume your problem is the same as mine? If so, Ring won’t be any help I am afraid. You’ve got to live with it or bin it. They will tell you to uninstall and reinstall the app, reset the doorbell etc etc and then blame your WiFi.

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You described it better than me and my issue is exactly the same. I get notification of motion, the doorbell is then pressed but then it doesn’t ring and im not notified of this.