Motion and/or Sensors Required for Protection Plus Service?

Hi there. I’m doing some research for my parents on the Ring system.

They want the professional monitoring, but were hoping to just the cameras instead of the system with the sensors, etc. Is it possible to get professional monitoring with just the cameras (so authorities are alerted when the camera detects someone and a system is armed)?


There is not alarm control with just cameras. And even if you get Ring Alarm, the cameras are not able to actirvate the alarm, only the alarm motion sensors and contact sensors. If you want professional monitoring, you need Ring Alarm.

With just the cameras, the only monitoring you can do is have alerts sent to your phone.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

I use ADT for security monitoring. When an alarm sounds I get a phone call from ADT to confirm that I am OK. If I do not answer the call ADT will send the police. There is a limit on the number of false calls you can make over a 12 month period. Go over the limit and you pay for each false alarm. I chose not to use the Ring system protection plus service.

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