Motion alerts stopped working on Alexa devices

We have a Ring doorbell 2 and a few Alexa Dots. Until recently motion was announced on the Alexas along with doorbell rings but recently the motion alerts have stopped but rings are still working.

I’ve tried:

  • rebooting the devices
  • check that motion announcements are enabled in the ring Alexa app
  • disable and enable ring skill

We have a chime in one room which is working for movement alerts.
I’ve created a routine that turns a light on when there is motion which is working too.


I have the same exact issue, echo dot 2/3. Routines work for spotlights, etc. but ring doorbell motion/Doorbell press does not announce on Echo dots just mobile devices.

Same here, no motion notifications reach the echo devices, but rings do

Hi neighbors! Since a few of you are having similar concerns, I’d recommend starting with the basic troubleshooting steps first. You can find some troubleshooting tips for when your Ring and Alexa features stop working in our Help Center Article here . I’d recommend looking through those steps, and if that doesn’t do the trick, you can reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here . Additionally, you can click here to go to Amazon’s Alexa Help Center for more in-depth troubleshooting support as well. Please feel free to report back in this thread on what solution works for you or what solution support recommends. :slight_smile:

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Same here. I followed all troubleshooting steps but motion alert does not work on my echo dot 3s and echo show.

Hi @vinaydesai. In that cause, I’d suggest contacting our support team here or Alexa’s support team here so they can take a further look into this. They’ll help run through all of the applicable troubleshooting steps with you in order to get your Ring and Alexa integration back up and running.

Mine stopped working also. The doorbell works, but non of the motion alerts via Alexa. I get alerts on my iPhone, but Alexa no longer says “someone is at your front door” I disconnected and re-connected skill. Same issue. I already went through all troubleshooting steps. @Caitlyn_Ring This is an issue on your server. Fix it and stop pushing the blame on others. Your iOS app also now has issues refreshing cameras upon opening app

Hi there, @RingUser20! Try out the steps mentioned in this Community post, to disable the Ring skill and announcements in your Alexa app and then re-enable them. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Tried the steps as well. It works. However once I created a routine to turn on lights for motion or doorbell press, notifications over Alexa stopped announcing motion.

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Count me in on this as well, I’ve followed previously given steps and the only way I seem to get Alexa notifications for Ring Stick Up Cams and Doorbells to work is by disabling the skill each day, deleting each of the devices, then re-enabling the skill, adding each device again and setting each up again - not exactly a great user experience. Like @Fraymundo I had set up ‘Alexa routines’ to turn on lights etc based on motion on ring devices, and that seems to be problematic, as does setting Alexa to ‘do not disturb’ for any reasons at all (on a single routine or as a global all devices command at bedtime)… So, hopefully someone at Ring/Amazon sorts this out because this is a fairly fundamental part of having these devices - I don’t know if the issue is the Ring Skill, the Alexa software or a combination of all, but please, will someone resolve this in a way that works long term PLEASE?

Me too. None of the fixes work. Seems like this happened around the same time they fixed the rich push notifications but I’m not certain. Either way it’s not working as expected.

Same, this is clearly a recent regression.

As I mentioned in the my Post it was required to not re-enable the Announcement inside the settings of the ring device (because that broke things). As a workaround I placed an announcement action inside my routine which does not cause any issues.

My issue is the same, I noticed it only effecting Ring doorbell routines, my internal ring security system motion detectors still trigger their routines like clockwork. The issue seems limited to doorbell routines I think it’s also effectively all my doorbells and all stopped working around the same time. These motion routines used to turn on porch lighting for over a year and worked flawlessly and then suddenly in maybe July/August it just suddenly stopped working. Deleting the routine and re-creating them did nothing. If I manually play the routine they all test fine, but they will not trigger automatically by the doorbells. Again, ALL internal motion and entry sensor routines still work perfectly fine so it’s only the doorbell routines.

I’m having this issue as well. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, deleting and reinstalling the skill, and countless other troubleshooting measures to no avail. This is ridiculous and pretty much makes my ring and alexa combo useless. The guidance that has been provided so far by Ring customer service is inadequate. I would like someone to fix this issue ASAP please.

I suddenly developed the same issue with Alexa no longer announcing motion at my front door through my Ring Pro video doorbell. Had been fine before. Tried disabling Ring skill and enabling. Tried deleting Ring doorbell and discovering new device. No avail. *******Turns out, all I had to do was go into the main settings on my phone for the Alexa application and allow the microphone and camera for permissions. Make sure motion settings are all allowed. This worked for me. Hopefully it will help someone else! Brian.

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I was also getting notifications on my Echo show and everything just stopped out of the blue. I have completed all troubleshooting steps in Alexa and the Ring app. Nothing has resolved the issue to date. After spending and hour or more troubleshooting with Amazon support, the Echo show was returned for repair or replacement. When the I received the Echo back, the same issue is still happening. Alerts are turned on in the Alexa app for motion and doorbell press but nothing happens. I even change my Ring email address to match my Alexa email after coming across something indicated they needed to match. It is really disappointing that this worked perfectly for awhile and then just stopped for no reason. My ring doorbell is hardwired so a low battery is not an issue. Internet connectivity is okay as I have high speed internet service.

Same issue here. I noticed in my Alexa app (on my iPhone) that the Motion Alert was toggled off. I toggled it back on yesterday and still had no alerts. I checked the app again today and the toggle was off again?! So, I have yet again turned it back on. It sounds like an Alexa app software issue. They likely added a feature which broke another feature. Unfortunately it’s common in software. Hopefully these messages will make it to the right manager to make the fix happen.

Quick one that worked for me . Had the exact same issue kept trying all the linking and unlinking and then stumbled across the issue which worked for me . I had installed rapid ring some time ago and upon going into that app I noticed all the syncs were switched off ! After I put the notifications on the rapid ring back on its working again on Alexa :slight_smile:

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Having this issue, and weirdly, ringing the doorbell works, live view works, but motion view is met with an error about the camera failing to start.