Motion Alert in #Phone Do not disturb mode

Ring Team,

Please enable also critical alerts even when phone is in Do Not Disturb or night mode for Ring Cam motion alerts. Critical (alarm) alerts get trough do not disturb mode, this is not the case for ring motion alerts. I even purchased the Ring Alarm base station as I thought I would be able to get motion cam alerts also, but unfortunately this was not the case so i returned it. So again many Ring users have cameras installed in their second home or in their (grand) parents home. Motion Cam alerts should get through phone do not disturb mode also. Ring Cams are often used as Security cams in combination with an alarm security system from a different brand. Enable this critical feature please!. (Sometimes it feels like the Ring Development team even dont use Ring device but different brand as some of the feature request here are so obvious…)…

The instructions on-line make it appear that this option should be available. Evidently, it only works for the alarm. I agree, this should be an option for ALL motion detection and doorbell devices.

Yes, insulting the Ring DEVs is sure going to win points for your suggested feature.

Good luck.