Motion alert but then shows 'No video found'

Usually quite tech savvy but this has me stumped and annoyed.
Had the ring doorbell 3 and chime pro for just over a year. But I’m now not getting motion notifications even if someone is right at my door. I’m getting notifications of they ring and live view is fine.
Then when I’m checking the history in the evening i have plenty of motions on my property but when clicked to view i get the ‘no video found’ message or on the ones that do play it is just black screen. I’ve followed all the instructions on the site and nothing has worked. My Internet speed test using both rings recommended site and one i normally use show as being well over recommended speeds, the Wi-Fi showing as good on device health section (between 45 and 55) and the health of my ring doorbell is showing as overall good. I’ve tried resetting internet connection to both chime and doorbell but to no avail. Which is annoying since I’m paying £8 each month and have purchased chime pro to help with any Wi-Fi issues my doorbell might have,
this was all done to ensure that I can catch the vandal teens who keep coming onto mine and my neighbours property.
Anybody got any other tips that might help before i go into the queue for technical (who will no doubt tell me to do everything I’ve already done again)

Hi @user24511. Typically, receiving this error message when trying to access a recorded event indicates that there may have been a wifi connection issue at the time the event was recorded. Checking the RSSI on the Device Health and running a speed test are both great starting points. It seems like you have sufficient wifi speeds and your Doorbell receives a good signal, but there may be some intermittent interferences causing some motion events to not be properly recorded and processed.

Since you aren’t always receiving motion notifications, check out our Community post here for some troubleshooting tips and tricks on notifications for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, I’d also recommend performing a full reset of your Doorbell by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After this reset is done, set the Doorbell back up in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. Monitor the Doorbell’s behavior after that to see if you’re still receiving this same error when viewing events in the Event History.