More shipping delays?

I ordered a new faceplate for my new Ring Pro 2, about 2 weeks ago and it still has not shipped. I ordered a replacement part kit for the Ring Pro 4 days ago and it also has not shipped. Is RING completely delayed on shipping everything? I know there are delays with the ring doorbells but what is the story with other accessories? Very annoying not to be able to find a human contact to get an update on either order. All links just loop around pointing you to the same page and the same un-useful information simply saying the item has not shipped.

It’s probably to do with the current global chip shortage.

I ordered a couple new iPhones over a week ago and they have yet to ship. I finally got someone to fess up that that was the delay.

Thanks, I am aware of the chip issues but not sure that would affect a plastic cover and the other things. Nothing I have order is an electronic part.

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Not just chips, but supply chains in general have been affected. With everything that is going on now I can only imagine that difficulties will continue for the near future.

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My previous ring stopped working and I was told the only solution was to order another one. I ordered a ring pro in September and was told shipping would take 6 - 9 weeks. 11 weeks later I was just told it would now take an additional 6 - 8 weeks. No doorbell for 1/3 of a year and they wouldn’t even refund a portion of the annual fee. Is anyone else as frustrated with Ring as me? Highly frustrating especially around the holidays. Hello Google Nest!

Our support team can help further with looking into the status of your shipment as well as escalate any necessary cases to the appropriate team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hello, I wanted to chime in on the shipping delays because I have noticed a logistics issue or lost product trend with RING and their logistics team. When I complain about it to RING support, they give the excuse of " we are not responsible once it leaves their hand" I get that but when you have a community of people on your RING website complaining about shipping/logistic issues THEN IT IS YOUR PROBLEM. Investigate and find out what is happening instead of just replacing the product. And from the comments RING still can’t do that right. DO BETTER!!

I ordered a RING doorbell 3 months ago and I kept receiving emails stating, " your order has not shipped" Yes, I did see that it would take 8-10 weeks to ship. I waited patiently while reading the consistent emails from RING. When it finally ships in DEC 2021, there is a UPS delay. RING provides the tracking number however states they have not received it and to check with sender (RING). I have waited months to receive the original order but no luck. I contacted RING support and the rep confirmed the original order was lost. He creates a new replacement order which was shipped February 13,2022. Today I received the tracking# for the replacement. I looked the tracking number up and it ALREADY says there is another DELAY. I am supposed to receive the 2nd shipment February 16th by 7pm. I understand I need to wait until Feb 16 to see if the package arrives, but I am not confident it will arrive after reading all of the negative comments about RING having logistics issue. Like someone else said on the RING community "will there be a delay for ALL your shipments? If it does not arrive, I will call back to RING support to replace again until they figure out what is happening. I really believe there is an inside theft ring going on within RING employees and the logistics they send to for shipping. I guess RING doesn’t care about losing products through logistics. SMH.

My suggestion RING is to REALLY investigate by setting up a dummy package with a TAG (tracking device) to see the results. Track the package to its end. My 2nd suggestion would be to use a different company for delivery. DO BETTER!!! I will continue to call to replace until I receive it. I am in no hurry RING. :wink:

I think it’s much simpler than all that. Ring just doesn’t have a good shipping system. They should just cut their losses and do all their orders/shipping via Amazon. Afterall Amazon owns them.
But alas, who knows when or if that might happen.
From all the issues Ring has I look to other parties, Amazon and others, to purchase from. Even forgoing the 10% discount is fine by me as the 10% isn’t worth the headaches.

I’m considering pulling all my Ring products and moving to NEST products. Getting to a Customer Service person that understands English is the first fight and then being told it’s the Logistics Departments issue is annoying! There’s a told lack of capability at RING Customer Service. The first Alarm Pro Base Station I ordered the claim to have tried to deliver on a Sunday to my closed business. I expect them to retry on Monday or Tuesday, no go. The Tracking still shows the unit at a local depot. The refunded and said when it arrived they’d rebill. Never came. I reordered was charged and 12 days later it still hasn’t shipped. Back to India on phone… and no idea when it will ship!!! You’ll get an e-mail when it ships… It’s too bad… over $3K in equipment and RING turns into a third world company. DO NOT BUY RING PRODUCTS… TELL EVERYBODY!!!

did you contact support?