More shipping delays?

I ordered a new faceplate for my new Ring Pro 2, about 2 weeks ago and it still has not shipped. I ordered a replacement part kit for the Ring Pro 4 days ago and it also has not shipped. Is RING completely delayed on shipping everything? I know there are delays with the ring doorbells but what is the story with other accessories? Very annoying not to be able to find a human contact to get an update on either order. All links just loop around pointing you to the same page and the same un-useful information simply saying the item has not shipped.

It’s probably to do with the current global chip shortage.

I ordered a couple new iPhones over a week ago and they have yet to ship. I finally got someone to fess up that that was the delay.

Thanks, I am aware of the chip issues but not sure that would affect a plastic cover and the other things. Nothing I have order is an electronic part.

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Not just chips, but supply chains in general have been affected. With everything that is going on now I can only imagine that difficulties will continue for the near future.

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