More or Custom Chime and Chirp Tones in the Ring App

I just think it would be cool to be able to upload your own ring chimes (like ring tones) to be able to be played from your doorbell device. Favorite song, guitar riff, but also for people with sensory issues it might be nice to pick a sound that suits you.

I’m not sure on who to submit this suggestion too, but I have one. I wanted to know if you could make it so Ring Doorbell Chimes play parts of college football fight songs or chants. For example, the University of Nebraska & their fight song & the saying “Go Huskers!” Amazon could make a profit by selling these special tones/chimes for $1 a piece. Again just a suggestion. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would want to have something like this for their NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL team! Thanks!

In addition, maybe you could make a way to have customized team colors flash on the doorbell as well. Just a fun idea since football season is here!

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Please give us an option to choose a different sound for the doorbell Version 4.

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All “Chime” devices need to be able to record custom tones, one for each doorbell, e.g. “Front Door”, “Back Door”, “Garage Side Door”, “Patio Door”, etc. Also, each Chime device needs to be able to assign a different tone (custom or standard) to each different doorbell. We have four doorbells and three Chime devices. We need to be able to hear them ring and know from the unique tone which of the four doorbells rang. This is so very basic and obvious, yet Ring failed to program this into the software. This is long overdue. Thanks for reading and please support this feature request.

At the minimum, please add option for audio announcement of what door is open instead of just a chirp.

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It seems silly that they can’t leave ALL options available year round! I changed from a Halloween one for Christmas and now can’t get Addams Family back. Also, my phone has all holiday/Christmas options but not on chime, which is also silly. It’s more work on ring time add and retract tones. Let us have the options to choose! It’d be great to import some, but they’d make people happy and fix most of the problem in an instant by opening up app tones all the time. Also, I would love some season ones they haven’t done yet, Valentines, St Paddy’s, Summer, Spring, Autumn & Winter generic ones would be great

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Please advise me if there is a way to set up a camera so that it plays a custom sound when it detects motion? If no, please develop it!

Can you guys please add verbal alerts to the Ring Chimes in a software update for those of us who’d prefer verbal alerts over the tones?

My main chime is a mechanical one that’s in a hallway and currently, there’s no tone for my Chime Pro that matches perfectly with mechanical chimes.

Whenever someone rings my Ring Pro 2, my house sounds like a ghetto marching band and all the players are marching to the beat of their own drums lol.

In cases where customers have existing mechanical chimes and they need an additional chime, if they choose to go with a Ring Chime for convenience, the Ring Chime would already be equipped with optional verbal alerts like Front Door, Side Door, Back Door, or etc to help it blend in with homes that have mechanical chimes.

There should also be additional slots in the settings for custom verbal alerts so users won’t be stuck with the default verbal alert options which may not even represent the placement of their connected Ring device.

Does Ring allow you to be able to add Tones for chimes . Like for a doorbell chime when someone rings it?
I know how to change the tone. Just wanted something different than the stock tones listed

We have a few cameras with zones and have run out of notification sounds we are happy to use we would like more to choice from or even be able to select your own sounds like mp3 etc

It is really frustrating that Ring can’t support Voice chime alert tones from Base station or keypad . solution! It isnt’ too much to ask to be able to identify the front door from the back door. With voice of Alexa or Alex saying Front Door open or Front Door Close in any lenguaje as well!!

Just purchased a Ring Chime Pro, but I’m disappointed you can’t ‘upload your own’ chime ringtone music song!

Hope that Ring creates the option to allow for a fully customizable, chime tone to be uploaded for use with the Chime Pro!

Request the ability to change the alert tones through the ring app made on an Android cell phone . Not the sounds created in the Chirps, but the actual tones made on the cell phone .

Please add customizable tones that the guest hears outside, not just the inside tone.

Need a way to change the sensor tone on an iphone.

Would be nice, deff a use case for this imo

After the iPhone 13, iOS 17 update, I only get a “one note” sound that is very difficult to hear. I can not find a way to assign a longer or louder sound that a person can hear.

The new Halloween sounds are ridiculous. We use our Ring system for security. Why did you take away the “Summer” sound? It’s one of the only alerts that don’t cause our dogs to react. Enough with the bells and chimes and stop removing sounds at whim. We get used to a notification and know which camera it’s for and then you remove it. It doesn’t make any sense. Unless these cameras are meant to be just for fun and not for security. Our bad if we bought the wrong security system.

Maybe do a colab with Apple Music/ Spotify and let us play short songs. But I just want a shrek ringtone that says “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!”

This has to be the most reqyested feaure. i bought a ring after trick or treating with the kids, and a fair few Doorbells played all sorts of haloween chimes, and some even haloween themed music. guess i was not paying attentoin, they must have been a different brand :frowning: