More or Custom Chime and Chirp Tones in the Ring App

it would be great if the Ring alarm had voice announcements such as “front door open” from the keypad and base station like other alarm systems do. This would be useful to know which door or window was opened especially if its an unwanted entry.

I think this is a key function that is needed. One of the uses of an alarm system for me is knowing if a child opens contact sensor like a door or window. While I currently use Alexa devices to do this with Routines I’d like the base to speak the name of the open sensor as well as the audible alert from a push notification.

Initially I wanted voice announcements, but in reality, how many doors does a house have? I have my front door to use “ding dong”, garage entry to “harp” and backyard doors to “wind chimes”. Now I can tell which door is being used. Windows don’t count because sensors hardly ever/never trigger.

I agree with you Sam4007. Might I add that having that audio announcementmade at the time you’re attempting to arm the system before you leave. The system can use the name you gave for each contact sensor so you immediately know which window or door you need to close.

I use a $30 Amazon Echo dot gen3 to announce for each door when it’s opened so it will say “Front door opened” or whatever other sensor I have setup custom for each name. This way I know what opened without having to grab my phone and look. Taking that a step further, If you place one or more Echo devices around your home and enable Alexa’s GUARD feature these will listen for glass breakage and other strange noises when your RING is set to AWAY mode and the Alexa app will alert you on your phone and allow you to listen to the noise that Alexa detected the you can decide to take action or not. You can even have the GUARD mode play the sound of dogs barking, control lighting after a sound is detected as well! Not too shabby for $30! Plus you get Alexa as well. For me worth every penny to add extra security to my home.

I agree with @Sam4007 , @Martechguru and @Kalihiboy . for the need a several voice announcements tailored, to different doors . . . or for other different sensors too. But I have a variation on Sam4007’s Feature Request:

Instead of having Ring pick the additional voice announcements (or Alert/Chirp sounds) for us, would it be possible to add a new Alert/Chirp sound selection, called “Custom” . . . and then also provide a method for the user to “Import” a sound file into this Custom slot on each device/sensor/doorbell?

Different ‘Sound Files’ can obtained off the Internet. And you could even make your own sound voice-recording file too! You could then Import tailored voice-recordings, such as: “Someone is Ringing your Backdoor Doorbell”, or “Motion in your Living-room”, or “Your Side Door is open”, or “Motion at your Backyard Cam.” I bet some people wound make some funny voice-recordings, like “Welcome Home Your Highness” for your door sensor chirp. The point is, having an added new ‘Custom’ feature could provide endless Alert/Chirp choices!

Although @Zatt001 has a nice workaround utilizing the Amazon Echo that can provide this ability, I would prefer a “Custom” Alert/Chirp selection listed right along with the other choices of ‘Windchimes, Harp, etc.’, all in the Ring App. Additionally, I’m resistant to having an Echo in my house, because the idea of something listening to everything in my house I still find a bit too creepy for me (I’ve disabled “Listening” abilities of my other high-tech devices in my house).

@Teethdood you can see that it is not distinctive Chirps for just doors, but also having the audible ability to know which Door, and which DoorBell, Motion Detector, Contact Sensor, and Video Camera too.

Now, if you think this “Custom” Alert/Chirp option (with Import capability) would be nice to have, click on link below and click the Thumbs Up Icon. Ring Teams notice Feature Requests with higher Thumbs Up numbers, and then are more likely to incorporate the Feature Request. There are quite a few similar posts requesting either wanting larger Alert/Chirps selections, or more Voice announcements. Hopefully this “Custom” option would meet everyone’s needs. :slight_smile:



When in Home mode - In the event of a home invasion, an announcement of which door opened and set off the alarm is criticial to knowing where in your house to respond.

When disarmed - An announcement of which sensor opened is useful for tracking your kids’ movement in and out of the house - at least please provide a larger catalog of chirps.

Both of these are common features in legacy alarm systems within the last 10 years.

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Please take this to the product team and request that Voice Announcements be made an option. Since we can add custom names, it can simply announce that name when open. This can be very helpful for many reasons. Maybe even save lives.

  1. A parent can easily tell which direction a small child has ventured out.

  2. An elderly person can head in that direction without having to check every door/window.

  3. Will provide peace of mind knowing if there is a forced entry, we can tell where exactly it is.

  4. There are limited chirp tones.

I just switched from ADT and that is one feature I miss. Other than that Ring alarm is top-notch. Hope to hear back on this request. Thank you.


I know it’s not that hard to add this feature ( this feature has been there in other legacy systems). What’s stopping you from making this in coming updates?


This feature would be helpful and agree with the ops. has this feature. It is useful to know which zone was triggered like kitchen door open or garage door open.

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Agree 100%… members have been asking for this for months…WAKE UP RING !!!


Yeah, what’s taking so long?! I requested this way back in 2018!


I have a special needs child and we have sensors on all interior doors as well as exterior and windows. Being able to hear which one has been opened would be hugely helpful. I have different tones for interior vs exterior but I really need to know which door has opened.

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Can we get some help on this request? Many votes here but no activity. My current solution works but has a delay. @Boone @Chelsea_Ring tagging anyone who can help bring this to light.


This feature is needed. Just migrated to Ring from another provider and losing a voice chime that specifically says which door was opened is severely annoying.

There is no reason that EVERY door in your house should have the exact same beep/chime. It does not add the value of specificity. Security and alerts are about specificity. Please implement this feature.

If Ring wants to be a top home security contender, this sort feature parity is reasonable to expect.


Is there a ETA on this feature ? Would really help a lot.

Vouch, been asking for this same feature for years.

Definitely need this feature but thought there was a way to do with routines.

We need more votes, this is a MUCH NEEDED feature.

Please add voice announcement on keypad and base station, it’s really required and important features.