More Options to Filter Event History by Time/Date/Location/Device

Added my vote to this. It’s crazy we can’t filter by time. It’s so obvious.

Please add this basic functionality of being able to filter by time of day

We have someone accessing our building in the early morning. It is a HUGE PAIN to scroll through all the history to find the videos we are looking for. It would be SO MUCH EASIER to be able to filter to events from 11:30pm to 4:00am.

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I was just asking for this same feature. I am sad that it was suggested by others so long ago and it is still not available.

It’s not how long ago a suggestion was posted, but the number of votes it receives. Unfortunately, only 28 votes doesn’t rise this suggestion up to even be close to the top ten.

Yes please! Revive this thread and increase the votes! We need this feature!

I would like to see this feature as well!!! Why ring is not even care to respond

I want to be able to filter the history to find all activities between certain hours (say 10pm to 7am)

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I would like to see an app feature allowing Event History to be filtered by specific camera, and by time of day. If you wanted to evaluate activity on the cameras in the middle of the night (1am to 5am) for example, you could set a range of times to review.

There are also some settings that are “global” in nature. For DISARM for example, you can’t go to a separate device and just disarm one. You have to go to modes and set up definitions.

I agree Ring should have more camera-specific controls such as you recommended. It makes sense and should be an inherent feature - meaning already designed without user request.

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I would like to be able to filter Events History by event and device type (beyond the 3 meta categories).

I have a lot of connected devices that generate a ton of events. It is very difficult to locate events generated by a specific device. W

e should be given a lot more filtering options, including boolean-type (AND/OR/NOT).

There should also be better time range filtering, not just by date.

I would like more options for filtering camera video history. I have multiple locations (home and business) with several cameras each and if I need to go back to find footage from a few days prior, I often have to scroll through hundreds of events. There should be an option to search a specific day/location/camera. For example, I want to see the footage from the backyard camera from last Thursday, there should be an option to see events from that camera only and be able to select a specific date. At the very least, be able to search events from a specific camera only.

I have multiple cameras. When I go to History > Cameras in the app I often have to scroll a long way to see my doorbell camera. Would love an option to quickly filter by camera so I can see history results for only my doorbell camera to minimize clutter and scrolling.

Although this would be nice from the Home Screen, you can access this by clicking on your camera and the ‘Event History’ tile.

This option is only available for the actual doorbell. I have a camera positioned pointing at my mailbox and would like to be able to select just that camera, or just the driveway side of the house (if I’m looking for packages dropped off but don’t want to see all the times my dogs are on the backdoor camera).

It seems a simple request?

I want to view the history of a specific bell/camera location rather than the motion history of all devices. Finding 3 triggers from one location amongst the 70+ of the other is a poor user experience.

I want to filter my Ring Camera History so it only lists events that occurred say between 10 pm and 6 am every day for the past week. Does that feature exist? If not, how can I submit that as a feature request?

In the “history” section you can filter by “date” but not “Time” - for example, I only want to see events/alerts between 2:00am and 6:00am. This would be a great help!

We’ve waited for years for this simple, obvious feature and I’ve given up. I’m looking at other systems to replace my Ring cameras.

After Amazon acquired Ring, progress stalled. At some point you realize that the ultimate purpose of any Amazon product is to try and tie you in to other Amazon products. You never get the features you really need or want,

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Yeah seriously Ring. This is clearly a no brainer feature.

It’s so tedious trying to go back through and find events that happened during the night over several weeks/months.