More options for Privacy Zones: adjustable shape and size, more zones

Would be nice if they could update the privacy zones. Instead of only having a black square that we can only just adjust in height and width. So what I want is that we can rotate it adjusted everything Stretch it you name it. So we can make it fit perfectly to the zone we want to block off

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Can you guys please create the privacyzones exactly customable like the motion zones?

Now you can only get a square and not custom fit, see screenshot…

And why do i have always a pixel line free on the right side…

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Privacy zones should be the same zone set up as motion zones.

You should be able to manually switch on light group(s) similar to the snooze button then allowing selected light groups or all

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I agree with everything outlined in this thread. For the privacy zones to be effective this must be implemented. Custom shapes similar to motion zones would be ideal! Please, Ring, make this happen!

Like others, I agree this is essential to make the privacy areas suitable to block areas correctly. Ring, please bring this up your development list!


I live in Germany and we have very strict rules what to record an what not. i can not record anything outside my property. But to do this i need to have more than theese 2 rectangles as privacy zones. it needs to be as free form as the motion zone feature.

Can this be part of an software update?

set up the Privacy Zone to ensure you capture your property only please change the privacy zone so you can angled as the Motion Zones surely this must be an easy fix for a ring to do

This issue needs to get resolved.

Privacy zones seems like a great idea - automatically redacting my neighbor’s property for their privacy. However the implementation doesn’t work effectively. I have not been able to define black bars protecting my neighbors without also preventing me from seeing who’s in my gardenwho’s in my garden

It would be great if you could shape them like the Motion Zone Dectors so you can get the perfect shape and not cut half the picture off please.

It’s a great shame to see this issue ongoing for over a year now. I’m sure this will be an easy fix for you to do without anyone having to upgrade they’re equipment

I would like to see more granular controls when creating privacy zones to block out neighbors properties. Currently when creating a privacy zone, it has to be a rectangle, whereas motion zones have many different points that you can reposition to create a custom shape for each zone. I would like to see privacy zones to have the same type of control for custom / Freeform shapes.

Bumping to get more visibility as this feature request is quite important. I’m surprised that this has been sitting for over 3 years and has not been implemented. Privacy zones as they sit currently are a half baked, poorly implemented idea.

Agreed! Would also be nice if this could be adjusted using a computer. Trying to poke at a small smartphone screen is very frustrating. It also looks like their is a minimum size for the zones, which is pretty frustrating.

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Adjustable shapes like in the “motion control area” are needed.
This should be not a great thing, as you can take the same code like you already use it to adjust the “motion control area”.

For use in Germany, its a needed feature