More options for Privacy Zones: adjustable shape and size, more zones

It would be great if we could get privacy zones that aren’t restricted to squares and rectangles. For me, my neighbours can’t be blocked out with rectangles, I would need a triangle shape. It would be great if Ring could add this feature as mine goes off so often from my neighbour’s movement.

This is a great idea.

Privacy zones are an important feature to adhere to local laws in some areas.
Like many other feature requests I’d like to be able to be mir flexible with the size and form of the privacy zones.

Right now the blocks I can create are just too big and only straight vertical and horizontal lines are possible.

I second the request to allow zones like motion zones for privacy zones too.

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Agreed…we need a “flexible” box, with six or eight individual, movable points to “define” the privacy zone. A square box won’t work.

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so i am also would like to see flexible privacy zones like the one from the motion zones.

Why you ask, because in germany are some laws what is allowed and not if you setup a camera or a video doorbell.

First thing first, it is not allowed without a permission from your neighbors to film or record their propertys. Also it is not allowed at all to film outside your property, because you could film people on the side walk and this means you break their personality rights which could be really exprensive.

If you do you have to do everything which is in the “Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz)” and trust my as a private person you want, because it is to much you have to do.

So i/we have to setup privacy zones but with only retangles it is almost impossible since there are only 2. So my issue is that i have to cover areas i don’t want to cover because it is on our property.

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This issue needs to get resolved. The privacy box count and especially the limited sizing options are driving me crazy. The smallest box size is 3 times too big for me at the moment and it is basically almost making my ring video doorbell completely useless.

Very sad to see that this issue has been on here for a year and it is still unresolved. Does Ring read these?

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The Privacy Zones can only be done in square block shapes.

It would be great if you could shape them like the Motion Zone Dectors so you can get the perfect shape and not cut half the picture off please.

My garden view is a diagnol slope and i can only use privacy blocks to block next doors garden out but it cuts half my fence off as you cant shape the privacy zone like the motion zone.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi the ring privacy zone can only be in rectangle or square shapes so when using to block out both sides in the garden it blocks a big part of camera viewing.

With motion zone you can make many different shapes triangles ect… please can you make privacy zones like motion so big square blocks does not block viewing.

Many thanks. Ps keep up the great work ring is simply amazing.

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I second this. All of the areas I want to redact are triangular so the current boxes will not work for me.


Me three. Camera looks into neighbours windows and doors but cannot block entirely without reducing my motion detection areas.

Also why have only 2 zones. With rectangle you are limited in areas to block so having more zones will help as one can create smaller privacy zones to cover a number of areas.


I agree, this would really be a sensible feature. Please sort this out

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Privacy zones seems like a great idea - automatically redacting my neighbor’s property for their privacy. However the implementation doesn’t work effectively. I have not been able to define black bars protecting my neighbors without also preventing me from seeing who is at the door.

We need to be able to define smaller black bars for privacy zones. I need to be able to define bars small enough to cover the windows of houses across the street while usually not blocking seeing who is at the door. Currently the smallest allowed zone blocks near from seeing a huge area right in front of the doorbell so I can not see who is there

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Its necessary that increase privacy area masks at least 6-10 because with only 2 zone of privacy masks its impossibile to mark zone of privacy of neighbours without closing also my property with corners. Its necessary also to have the possibility to rotate privacy masks

At the moment you can only have two, however where my camera is positioned I need more than two.

Can this be sorted asap as this needs doing

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I think a better feature would be privacy zones being able to be set the same way motion zones are. The four point box is way to restrictive.

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Or, better yet, map out zones and choose behavior by zone… record, alert, private- same mapping, same tools, just allow the settings per zone!

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The ability to only be able to apply two blocks is not configurable enough. There is not enough flexibility in the set-up. The ability to configure blackout areas in the same way as motion zones is a must especially as individuals become more data protection aware. Else add more than two block areas.


Hello, please increase privacy area masks at least 6-10 because with only 2 zone of privacy zones its impossibile to mark zone of privacy of neighbours without closing also my property with corners. Its necessary also to have the possibility to rotate privacy zones. Thank you

PRIVACY ZONES is a super important feature in Europe, as the data protection rules are very strict.

Unfortunately with the current PRIVACY ZONES most people would not be able to follow these rules. Some improvements are important:

1- Now we can only select a zone with a “square”. It should be like the motion zones, selecting a custom zone. I wanted to block my view to my neighbours but I cannot do this without blocking my fence!!!

2- More than 2 PRIVACY ZONES is very important too.


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I’m glad to see this feature suggested (I was coming here to make the suggestion, happy to see others have the same idea). Even having your camera on an angle (living on a hill) make the rectangle incredibly inefficient.

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