More Modes/Levels of Modes Please!


When I’m “Home” and awake earlier in the night, I want my house secured, but access to my garage left open. Once I go to sleep, I would like my garage secured.

Right now, I’m just going in to the settings and adjusting each sensor every night, but it would be really nice to have the option to set-up more modes than just DISARMED, HOME, AWAY. Like a HOME LEVEL 1, HOME LEVEL 2, etcetera. Same thing for AWAY… I have different ways I like to set my home to AWAY depending on circumstances.

I get DISARMED, HOME, AWAY is the standard, but it would be so helpful to at least have the option to add more modes if desired.

Lead the FUTURE! … Limited to DISARMED, HOME, AWAY is sooo 80’s! :wink:


Thanks Ring!