More information or a status page for devices in the app

I am in the middle of setting up the latest model of a pro camera as a first-time user.

I think that explicit rather than implicit messages should be in the app interface indicating that the following condition is true:

  1. The light schedule is night.

  2. Motion detection is on.

  3. Lights will come on with motion.

  4. Alerts are sent.

Part of the problem with the interface is what I interpret as a status page for the pro camera.

At the top of the page there is an image of lights with no model information. Then there are four switches indicating on or off for lights, motions, and alerts.
Adding more information on the status of the camera allowing the state information indicated above would be helpful. I am sure that other information buried in multiple levels of interface would be helpful to the user.

And for customer support, engineering, and quality control.

I can think of other opportunities on this page but time is limited at the moment.

Yes I worked in customer support part time for big deal support and as a full time engineer.