More Floodlight Cam light-motion settings

Not sure why this has not been thought of before releasing product.

There is sensitivity settings for the actual camera but none for the actual light itself

Moths etc et off my floodlights (camera does not record) whenever they come too close.

Need away to change sensitivity (or even make it same as camera with People Mode) so they do not come on when insects set it off, it is silly not being able to change this setting somewhere

Can see before long will have arguments with neighbours over lights continually going on and off all night

Hope something can be sorted soon about this

If you go into the device settings, then light settings, then motion zones for lights, you can adjust the sensitivity of the light motion sensor there as well as enable and disable the three motion zones for the sensor.

I do agree that it would be nice to have some added configurability where you could toggle the lights to only activate if the camera detected a person.

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Thank you for reply but do not think you see the problem.

The settings you are referring to are:

  1. Either turn on or off the lights

  2. Motion Zones.

Do not want to turn off lights (defeats purpose of having lights)

Do not want to change the zones (what you are saying is basically switch zones off so moths etc do not make lights come on … which again defeats purpose completely)

Unless am misreading your reply ?

Am after a sensitivity for the lights so moths etc do not make light go on and off all night

There is a setting in the camera for ‘People Only’ mode so why not same thing for the lights themselves ?

Unless you’re referring to a Spotlight Cam instead of a Floodlight Cam, you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion zones for the lights. It’s a separate setting from the motion settings for the camera. You need to go into the light’s device settings, then tap “light settings,” then tap “motion zones for lights.” In that area you’ll find a slider that lets you adjust the sensitivity of the light’s motion sensor.

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It should be possible to only turn the lights on when recording is started.
Or vice versa.
I only want to record when the lights are triggered.
When the lights are triggered, I want to record.
I only want the lights on when a recording is triggered.
When the recording is triggered, I want the lights on.

does that make sense?

Sensitivity settings should be the same for both lights and camera.

It does make sense, but due to the way the Floodlight Cam operates (the PIR sensor and camera operate independently and don’t cover the same radius, and also have different mechanisms for detecting motion) I don’t think it would be possible for them to make the sensitivity settings equal for both camera and lights. What they could possibly do is implement settings for what you desire that could be independently enabled or disabled, i.e. start recording when lights detect motion and only activate lights when the camera detects motion. It would just depend on whether the hardware itself can support that capability.