More devices and features for UK

I’m a very happy Ring customer for the most part. I have 4 spotlight cams, and a video doorbell 1 which is about to be upgraded to a 3 plus when it arrives, but its a continual source of frustration for myself and many many other UK customers seem to be continually left out in the cold when it comes to certain products.

For example

  • Ring alarm - This available in the UK, however, the panic button, flood and freeze sensor, and the smoke/c02 alarm listeners are not. What is the point in this?
  • Ring’s smart lighting - again, not available in the UK. I can totally understand the manufacturing issues when it comes to the UK’s 230 volt supply vs the states 120v supply,( although this doesnt seem to be an issue with wired cameras) but the battery and solar versions? come on!. I would love to have rings smart lights around my garden, further enhancing my Ring of security.
  • Neighbours App - This is something thats been around for years, yet we in the UK don’t have it. Still! I’ve noticed several houses around my road alone that have ring products on their houses, it would be so useful.
  • Gutter and pole mounts - Why arent these available? I have had to use a generic one off eBay, i’d much rather have a decent quality Ring one.

I also really like the look of the new incoming products and would be very interestd in Ring Car alarm, but I doubt very m,uch i’ll be able to get hold of it for several years, if at all!

If anyone can think of anything else or has comments, especially UK customers please chime in :slight_smile:


I know this is an old post but I totally agree with the above, I’m heavily invested with Ring but the lack of sensors and lighting available to the UK and EU is frustrating. There are several alternatives to Ring now offering a much more suited home Solution.

I’ve decided I won’t be adding to my Ring devices until the playing field is levelled up. I don’t want police or fire dispatch just having the alerts would be useful.

Will probably review my setup in the Spring and possibly get rid of Ring for one of its competitors if it’s still the same.


I agree totally with the above and would also like to see devices such as the Alarm retro kit available here in the UK / EU. Even a commitment from Ring to provide product parity here in the UK /EU with maybe a table showing expected availability timescales.
Another alarm device I think is important is a glass break / patio door vibration detector. Other ideas I have had is maybe a slimline ‘pro’ keypad maybe finished in chrome and or stainless steel?



Is Ring planning on releasing smart lighting in the UK?

I find that Ring’s products are really good but when a new product is planned for release it is not communicated with people… sometimes you can sign up for a reminder on the website when the product is released but sometimes Ring just releases a product without saying… Maybe that’s something Ring should focus on.

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Will Ring release the flood and freeze sensor into the UK?

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When will ring introduce their lighting products to the UK along with the panic button please?


The panic button for alarm is now available here in the UK

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I love the Ring products but like all the above would love to add the Fire and Water Sensors to my Ring System here in Ireland. I did actually purchase a fire sensor from the US only to find its regionalised !!! so wont work, why!!!. Europe is a huge market so I find it rather baffling this has not being addressed yet.

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Yes we need these in the UK!

I too would love access to some of the other accessories. They are available in the online US shop, so not too sure why we can’t have the same in the UK/EU?

Would be really helpful if someone from Ring could give us an insight as to when this is going to happen.

Will the smoke sniffer ever be available in the uk? I know there is an issue with the z wave signal

But theres enough interest surely?

Still no repsonse from ring, regarding op, s request.

Hi. I’m a passionate european Ring customer, and I bought several Ring sensors along with the Ring base station. It is quite absurd that all Ring products compatible in US are not replicated for Europe market as well. It is a sort of discrimination. Some sensors are to me very important and essential from my point of view, such as the Flood and Freeze sensor. I can’t understand how it hard to change some specifications in order to make it usable with European standards, as Ring already did for the base station kit components sold in europe. You have just to put european compliant signaling protocol into the sensor, just like contact sensors we already use. Please can you explain us why after 3 years it is not possible to get such a simple sensor even in Europe?

I don’t see a Uk Ring Smoke Alarm. This is an obvious addition to the system and would be very valuable.

Any thoughts ?

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I have seen the advantages of Professional monitoring in the US. I work in the UK for a business which deals with intruder alarms so I understand the need for an individual URN for a police response. But even if an ARC could receive alerts with images from doorbell/indoor cam then provide an audible warning to intruders and if confirmed to be an intruder dispatch police. This would also work better with the Panic Button as this device is pretty useless when it doesn’t call police and is an audible alarm instead of the silent alarm. I certainly wouldn’t use this is a panic situation. It’s one way to end up seriously injured.

@MartH Sadly there is a lot of Ring stuff which is not available in the UK. Their product range is far greater in the USA. I suspect down to the differing electrical systems and certification processes.

@bemak187 : but they already produce sensors and devices that are compliant with European standards, they sell Ring base station kit in Europe. So I don’t understand how Smoke sensor as well as Flood and Freeze sensor differ from the contact sensor. I’ve read, surfing on google, that Z-Wave in Europe uses a different frequency than in the US, so you cannot purchase Z-Wave components from the US site and use them with your system. But if that’s the reason, they can easely produce a specific set of Flood and Smoke sensors compliant with Z-Wave frenquency used in Europe. Does it make sense?

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Morning Everyone
Is there any chance of Ring doing a Fire & CO2 alarms for U.K. customers?
Many Thanks

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It’s been requested by thousands of UK and European Union residents for many years.

Ring just ignore our requests. They are only interested in profit now, hence the increase in subscription charges for no additional features or products.

If you want a decent Fire and CO2 alarm, have a look at Nest Protect, but be warned; buy from Amazon and check the life of the sensors immediately upon receipt, they are supposed to be 10 year sensors but one of mine was 6 years and I was too late to return it. Nest Protect work with an app to keep you informed of problems and also have Pathlights and various other useful functions including temperature sensors for if ever you decide to use Nest Energy products.

Edit: I should add that the Fire and CO2 ‘alarm’ is actually just a listener. It just listens for your already fitted alarms and transfers that to Ring.

The Smoke and CO2 Listener available in the USA is just that; a listener.
You still have to install smoke and/or CO2 sensors, the listener just learns the noise they emanate and relays the alarm state to the Ring app.

Rather than wait for something that’s unlikely to ever happen, look at Nest Protect. They relay info to an app as well, so you can be notified of a problem.

This has the addition of being completely separate to the Ring App so if a fire should break the connection between the listener, your alarm and your phone, the Nest App will already have informed you of a problem as Nest communicates directly with the internet rather than relaying through a secondary device and system.