More customization/functionality!

Dear ring support I have had a few ideas ever since I bought my first ring product nearly just after the release of the first doorbell cam and have been growing more and more leery of the continuation of my use of your product as I have had my property burglarized multiple times and have yet to have any usable footage let alone a motion alert of the occurrence even with the motion zones set to full screen, people mode off and sensitivity maxed out though I do like the product and ease of use as well as the partnering with other systems that has been increasing so please keep my suggestions in mind, thanks in advance!

  1. add the ability to zoom in for windows app
  2. setup the windows app closer to the android app in the sense of having a scroll bar for recorded footage between motion alerts, this comes in tandem with point 3
  3. more customization to video storage such as allowing for continuous recording with shorter 1-2week file-dump rates for people like me who consistently get missed motions at the most crucial time and cant even go back to retrieve any info on the offender(s) that is useful for the police.
  4. The ability to program motion zones which activate the sirens on certain outdoor and indoor cams with the siren ability such as the flood lamp cams to scare off intruders prowling driveways to burglarize/vandalize cars and property
  5. The option to have police notified immediately upon motion alert/siren activation and no disarming within a set time frame during certain times of the day with people mode active.
  6. When people mode is disabled but motion event occurs monitoring technician differentiates between animal/nature etc. and people/suspicious activity, if the latter tech calls or texts customers phone for a disarm code before notifying the police
  7. Not sure if this is doable but a screen for amazon key/myq that sends push notifications for deliveries and opens up to live visuals of 2 cameras such as an indoor & outdoor floodlamp garage cams and a button to open/close the garage from the ring app. Even just a button to open and close the garage from the ring app on the dashboard or on the screen for a “connected” cam next to the lights and snooze button would be great.

Examples for 3-6;
customer opts for continuous recording with a storage time of 2 weeks.
Setup motion zone for driveway aimed down from above cars as “alarmed” when in “away” mode with people mode on and police notification on without disarming code given within 5 minutes
Setup schedule for every night between 11:00pm and 6:00am all motion zones outside house are in away mode activating sirens and 1 siren indoors to awaken/alert customer of intruder when person(s) are detected outside.