Would like to have a couple additional modes that you could customize. For instance I would like to have a mode that turns on cameras and motion in the front of my house while the ones in the back are disarmed so I could be in the backyard and would still be notified if there is motion in the front. Maybe you could add two more modes that the user could name and customize for their own usage.

Also would like to be able to control modes with my echo dots. To turn on a mode all you would need to do is say Alexa turn on the mode. When you tell it to disarm you would need a password. In addition it would be helpful to be able to ask Alexa what mode is on at any time so you know is the system is armed or not.


Exactly! I need a “winds mode” to stop motion sensing on my windy nights. I know I’m sacrificing security but I’d like the feature.

This would go great with system partitioning. I would like to have my main level and basement armed differently depending on the mode such as a “Sleep” mode where everything is active including some of the motion sensors but the standard “Home” mode still lets me roam freely.

Would be great to be able to rename the modes, schedule the modes and add unlimited amount of modes.

While I’m at home during the day I’ve turned off the rear camera notifications as the kids play on the garden using HOME, but that leaves me using Away for when I go to sleep.