Modes should be able to control Camera Motion Detection and Alerts independently

Right now, when setting up modes for cameras, it seems like there are only two options you can control: motion detection, and live view. However, there is a strong use case that a third option should be available, that is to control alerts for the device with modes as well.

When I set the mode to Disabled on my ring alarm, I want to still record videos of motion, but not be alerted to them. Getting alerts for every single motion during the daytime is too much. However, if my package is missing, I want to be able to go back and check the camera for motion events… I know I can disable notifications completely for a particular device, but I would still want to get notifications of motion alerts if the alarm is armed, for example. This seems like a pretty fundamental request, and I hope it makes it into a new update soon.

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I strongly agree. At least snapshot capture for motion.

Yes… I’ve requested that a year ago and still nothing… I really don’t understand how this is not number one trending… seems such a basic and important features. I have notification for my camera all the time even though i am at home… this is so annoying

This is my top request. I’m surprised there isn’t more activity here. It seems like this would be a relatively simple and clean update.