Modes - Need another = OFF

Hey Ring - could you please add a 4th mode ‘OFF’ , or give us the ability to do so? I have 18 Ring cameras and am trying to setup my Ring alarm. 3 modes works fine for JUST cameras or JUST an alarm, but with both installed, I need the ability to have certain cameras still recording when alarm is disarmed and when alarm is disarmed certain cameras off and certain cameras recording in common circumstances. Let me explain a different way:

‘Home’ should be all cameras and alarm active (like when you are sleeping) -
‘Away’ is obviously the previous + Motion sensors.
But only having a ‘Disarmed’ mode means that I have to choose between disarming my alarm and turning off cameras - I currently only get one choice. I want my cameras all recording when my alarm is off, yet still have the ability to run a privacy mode for cameras (no alarm) if I have company, workers, etc., that I don’t want to waste storage space on. Right now the app doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

If there is another way, short of motion schedule, which is an acceptable solution to this problem, I am happy to try it - but for now, I have spent over $1000 on a Ring Alarm that I cannot install because it messes up my camera modes - which I need and use nearly every day.
Thank you

I second this request. I have the exact same issue. The alarm keypad obviously only has physical buttons for 3 modes, but the ability to add a 4th (or more) mode setting just in the app would be greatly appreciated.