Modes for three separate cameras

I have an issue with Mode settings - which might just be my lack of comprehension.

We now have three cameras:

  1. a Stick-up Cam (battery) at the front of the house, which we want on basically all the time.
  2. an Indoor Cam in the conservatory which we want on when we’re Away or overnight but not normally during the day because it’s a busy room
  3. another Indoor Cam in the garden office which wants to be on or off at different times of day and evening, including when camera (2) is off.

So three different zones really. If I set the mode to Home I want (2) off but (3) possibly on or off depending on circumstances. I had assumed I could set Home and Away modes for each camera … but it doesn’t seem to work like that. Am I missing something? Is there a one-button way to activate/deactivate the separate cameras? Apologies if I’m being dim.

Hi @avianskipdiver. Modes for Cameras is a global change. This means, when you select a Mode, all cameras are in that Mode. You can choose how each Camera operates while in that mode, but 2 Cameras cannot be on different Modes at the same time. I hope this helps.

Thanks, that’s … what I have discovered, yes. It doesn’t answer the point though. How does one turn on/off separate cameras? Do I have to put them in three different accounts? This seems like a remarkably inflexible set-up.

Hi @avianskipdiver. To simply disable a Camera, open the Ring app and select-

Menu > Devices > (Camera) > Toggle off Record Motion. Doing this will make it so your Camera will not record until it’s been toggled back on.

Thanks, yes that’s what I have been doing. What a faff. Why isn’t there the equivalent of a simple “on/off” against each camera in the Dashboard? Before I had more than one, that’s exactly how I had assumed they would work - because of course that’s what happens with Disarmed/Home/Away when you have only the one camera.