Moderators are too strict

I tried posting a video last night of a teenager coming to my door right before 11pm. As he was reaching for the door handle my dog started barking and he ran off. As he ran he yelled to his friend to run. The post was denied because it didn’t fit guidelines. It didn’t fit the guidelines because my dog scared him off. Had my dog not barked I don’t know what would or could have happened. I wanted to warn my neighborhood in case they went to other houses. Was it not deemed suspicious by the moderators because the teenager was white? Who knows, but I should be able to post the video to keep my neighbors aware.

Hi @SLU_NY. I would review this document here, which explains the community guidelines listed in the Neighbors App.

It’s ok I tried to post a video of a kid ringing our doorbell and banging on our door and they keep rejecting it. What a worthless service if I can’t even post something to aid the community to stop these kind of actions/alert others to this behavior.

But then again I hear Google’s Nest is a better product…