Mode Schedules should only work when "Disarmed"

Thank you for finally adding Mode Schedules. As you know, this allows a user to arm or disarm every day. For example, I have mine arm nightly at 9pm and disarm at 8am. this is great, EXCEPT when we’re actually out of town and then it switches from AWAY to HOME ARMED and then the next morning it’s completely disarmed!!

Mode scheduling should include one other option – schedule only when _____. That way, we can have it switched to HOME ARMED at 9pm when the system is currently disarmed. And then the next morning if we are out of town, it won’t flip back to DISARMED.

This should be a simple feature to add to make mode scheduling useful. The current workaround is go to a few menu options deep when we’re out for the evening to switch modes, and then also remember to switch modes in the morning!