Mode Expansion Include: Disable notifactions, Alarm with Motion, No Light with Motion


Im a new Ring user ive installed 4 cameras in August and looking to expand but find the Modes section very under utilized. Modes has so much potential and at the moment I can’t get my cameras to operate as id like for the different modes.

There are 3 Modes and only 2 options for each. (Motion detection & Live View)

Id like to add the below options

#1 Disable Notifactions
I want to record all motion events on certain cameras but not recive notifactions for them.
Id use this for disabled mode which I use when im home. I use Home mode when im asleep when I also don’t want notifactions but want to view any issues that happened over night in the monring.

#2 Alarm with Motion
I want to put cameras in locations like my garage where is motion is detected while in Away mode i want the Alarm to sound on all linked cameras. I can’t see me ever using the siren manualy.

#3 No light with motion
I personally don’t need this feature but I can see it being used in Home mode if a camera is near a bedroom.