Mode-Controlled Notifications

From this thread:

I have two cameras, and I have motion detection on for them. But when my system is set to “Disarmed”, I don’t want to get push notifications. I would like to keep motion detection on, so it shows up in the timeline view, but in the “Disarmed” mode, I don’t want to get notifications for it on my phone.

Motion Snooze or Motion Scheduling also don’t do what I want.

Let me summarize:

  1. Using Modes, I could turn “Motion Detection” off for the “Unarmed” mode, and then I wouldn’t get any notifications when the alarm system is in “Unarmed” (that’s what I want), but the camera also wouldn’t record any video when there’s motion (that’s not what I want).

  2. Using Motion Snooze, I could disable notifications (that’s what I want), but I would have to do that every time I disarm the alarm system (that’s not what I want).

  3. Using Motion Scheduling, I could set a time when I don’t want notifications at all (e.g. during the daytime, when I’m usually at home now and awake), but then I wouldn’t get notifications during that time when the system is in “Away” mode either (e.g. when it’s daytime, but I’ve gone to the post office; that’s not what I want).

What I want is that as part of the Modes feature, I can say:

  • for “Unarmed”, I want motion detection, but no notifications

  • for “Home” and “Away”, I want both motion detection and notifications.

It sounds like that’s not something that can be done now, even though it doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.