Mode Change Alerts

Please allow the notifications for when you change modes to be turned off. When I leave in the morning and change the mode setting it notifies my entire family, which defeats the purpose of changing it to not allow detection when I’m leaving so they don’t wake up.

Ring app’s notifications for any Ring mode change (such as Disarmed to Home) has started playing a sound. For years it was a silent app notification, which was much better. Now, the app sound means that the phones of anyone who is sleeping is awakened when the last person to bed sets the alarm to Home, or the first person awake in the morning Disarms. Please have no sound for Mode change notifications in the app, or at least provide this option. To be clear, I still want the app notification for Mode change, but with no sound.

I dont want 10 notification a day because the mode is change. We need a option to edit what notfications we get. I use Home and away mode in my homey og every time this change, my ring Camera also change mode. I dont need a not notification every time this happens. And If i turn off i will not get any notification at all

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There is an annoying notification in the Ring App that I can’t find a way to disable.
Every time I change modes (Away, Home, Disabled) I get a notification on my phone telling me that I have changed modes. This is annoying and unnecessary as I have just made this change so don’t need to be told that it has happened.
My system contains only cameras no Alarm
Is there a way to adjust these notifications please?
Thank you