Missing replacement for 3 months

I purchase a stick up cam and under installation then cam failed to register, apparently it is locked to another account.

So contacted support on July 13, and I was promised a replacement cam, I received a return label and a shipping request note, after 40 days i contacted support again, and receive a new shipping request note, but after 30 days still no Cam, so once again I contact support (witch take over one hour on the phone…) and once again I receive a shipping request

Now 30 days has past and still now replaced Cam :frowning:

I don’t have the time and patience to call support for a 4 time

I have not ever experiences so bad support from any company… I now looks like Ring never intended to ship a replacement

So I think I will look for another vendor of surveillance cameras

Hi @KewDK. This is not the experience we want you to have with Ring. It is possible that this delay is due to COVID-19 and the availability of shipping in your area. Are we able to find your support ticket using the email address associated with your Community account? If so, we can ensure a team member from our team takes a look into your case and gets back to you.