Missing Neighborhood Watch feature

Sorry for the double-post, but Ring’s failure to recognize that having record all motion on but notifiy only for a particular zone support is an indicator that neighborhood watching is not in interest for their product line. See here for reference: Ability to set notification preference per zone

Unfortunately, with the rise in porch pirating in the neighborhood, and thieves and trespassers hopping over fences, I can no longer take the time to weed through recordings that would help the neighbor, that cameras are now set for the protection of my porch only, and back yard. I’m no longer able to capture suspicious behavior on the street or across the street. Rather, I have an alarm blowing immediately when the package hits the porch and that is the extent of my use for the ring doorbell. Sad!

Here is example of one neighbor shared, which is why I’m selfishly watching out for my own property and safety only now: