Missing features everybody wants!

Off to a good start guys.
Got a reply to a tweet in less than a minute, was directed here. SUPERB service so far!
Here we go:

Missing features I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting:

  • Attach quick reply behavior in the mode settings (as in, off for home and on for away).
  • Speaking of quick replies, let us record our own! Or use any sound file we want (as in, I could record stuff with my decent mic and edit the audio etc etc, then just upload the file into the doorbell via the app etc).
  • Let us pick ANY sound we want as a ringtone (this is almost the same functionality as the previous item, the ability to upload audio files via the app).
  • When the doorbell button is pressed, instead of just a notification on my phone, we should be able to have a PROMPT that requires user input. Someone would press it, I’d see a screen with options that would include the quick replies, or live talking to the person etc etc.

No, not everyone.
A recommendation, search the Features Request board for others that have already made the same suggestion and vote for them. If you don’t find any, I’d recommend posting each suggestion separately for them to be voted on. That way, if someday, they get enough votes Ring Devs might consider them.