Missing arts for my new door bell

I purchased a Ring 2nd generation battery door bell on 15 th November 2023. The security screws and screwdriver pack was missing. I have contacted you several tones to be told that pack has been despatched
to me and yesterday there are non in stock and don’t know when we will get them in. Sounds like refund on order or take ne from a new system that you do have in stock.

Hi @user71905. In the Community, we do not have access to account information in order to assist with this type of concern. It is best for you to call our support team once more for further assistance.

Just the sort of answer I was expecting.
I have contacted customer support several times now and it sounds like another contact centre in India, I could hardly make out what the customer services agent was saying,
This is now the 7 th time I have contacted them and I am still no further forward.

@user71905. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook or X (Twitter) by sending a PM to @Ring; they can also assist with this type of concern.

Same for me. Pretty clear they’re sending our Doorbells without the security screws and then giving them away free but no stock. Really annoying

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