Messages in "History > Lights" about a Ring Bridge that I don't have


In the “History > Lights” I see two messages about a Ring Bridge: ‘reported offline’ and another message 2 minutes later: ‘power was restored’. The thing is that I don’t have any Ring Bridge at all, why am i seeing this kind of messages?

This is not the first time I’m see this kind of messages. The previous time it was a few months a go with another account.

ring-user24 -

Unfortunately, I do NOT know the answer to your question.

If I had to take a “wild guess”, however, I would wonder if you:

  • Have the Amazon Sidewalk feature enabled and/or
  • Have any devices that are able to become Amazon Sidewalk Bridges such as:
    • Ring Doorbell Pro 2
    • Select Ring Floodlight Cams
    • Select Ring Spotlight Cams
    • Select Amazon Echo devices

If you determine the source of the messages, I hope you post them here (for the benefit of other Ring Community members).


Hi @ring-user24. Definitely check out the suggestions that @Frustrated427 pointed out regarding why you may be seeing this message. If you’ve checked those and it’s still unclear, I’d recommend checking with our support team so they can review your account and what devices you have set up with you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

@Frustrated427 and @Caitlyn_Ring thanks for your suggestions. The thing is that I have a separate account that is only used for Ring. I have not linked it to amazon services and i do not own any other Amazon products. As far as i know, sidewalk works only with Amazon services.

Just to check somethings I have followed the steps in the manual The option “Sidewalk” that is mentioned in the manual, is not available in my ring-app (have the latest version).

I have called the customer service off Ring before I posted this message. The response I got with the cause was not really satisfying. I was told that it had something to do with an update to the system with Ring and that it shouldn’t happen again. Because it’s not the fist time I see this kind of messages, I have no faith that it will not happen again.

And two new messages that i see now confirms my faith that I didn’t have in the answer.

I call again the customer service, this time I demand further investigation to the real cause of the messages. There must be a reason I keep getting these messages.

Long story short; it has been forwarded internally for further investigation. I’ll keep you posted when I know more about this.


That is interesting. I do have Sidewalk enabled on my system but I also have a Ring Bridge for my lighting devices. The only time I’ve seen that show up in my history is when the bridge loses power or loses internet connection. I’ll keep an eye on my history to see if I see it showing up at other times.

ring-user24 -

Did you display the information in your graphic by selecting the following in the Ring app:

 Settings | History | Lights

When I do so, a screen is displayed with the following two links at the bottom:

  • Shop Now
  • Set up Smart Lighting

In other words, a history page is NOT displayed.

I wonder if there is any chance that Amazon is working on implementing Sidewalk in your area… and that you’ll suddenly discover that the setting not only exists, but is turned on.

I hope the posters in this thread keep Ring Community members posted on what they discover. (I would NOT want to discover that the Sidewalk setting had been turned on again without my permission!)

I guess I don’t have any direct proof of this, but I don’t think the Sidewalk connection would show up in the history in the Ring app. Just my thinking based on this information from the Sidewalk whitepaper: “Information transferred over Sidewalk Gateway devices is encrypted and Gateway customers are not able to see that Sidewalk endpoint are connected to their gateway. Customers who own Sidewalk endpoints will know their device is connected to Sidewalk but will not be able to identify which Gateway they are connected to.”