Mess WiFi network

I have a question I am considering getting a mess system. How do you over come having multiple ring cams record at the same time when on same wifi?

Currently the only way I could get around it was to have multiple seperate wifi networks otherwise if the one cam was recording the 2nd cam would not record until the 1st cams recording ended when it was on same wifi network. Thank you

Hi @jfd0610. This would be dependent on the modem, router and internet speed that you subscribe to. I would check with your ISP to see the limitations of your WiFi network and how many cameras it can support.

Of course it has little to do with the ISP service, so with respect to Tom, “nope, not based on what he’s told you”.

Ring will have to answer more correctly, I find some of their communications decisions bizzare.

I can tell you to avoid implementing a mesh network. You will/should find, as you are, better results by running in what’s called “AP mode” on the downstream devices. Basically you want to hardwire routers together, set the first as the “router” and set the others as “Access Points”. Make sure you use non-overlapping channels (so 1,6, and 11), and use a wifi analyzer to determine what’s best at what side/end of the house.

If not clear, in this way you minimize multipath and vastly increase the bandwidth available to your devices. Signel strength too of course, but way too many (Ring included) confuse DB with throughput. Nope. Correlated, but only loosely.

Ring radio choice isn’t helping. In a perfect world we’d like the radios to be using 802.11x, as 2.4 can then use MU-MIMO, beamforming, and OFDMA.

I also wish the Ring drivers would honor “RSSI Disconnect”, but even more I wish the darn things would let me hard code the channels I want them on.

Better results may be had by power cycling a ring device while the Wifi network is up and stable. Device “may” then select the bet channel available to it, but how their drivers honor roaming and channel select is something only Ring can tell us.

Luck to you,